Buying a Supermarket?

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You are probably reading this because you understand that the independent supermarket industry and owning a supermarket or convenience store in Australia is still one of the best, low risk ways to build real wealth. The systematized nature of the industry and the ability to build wealth relatively quickly is pretty enticing right? Plus, as most store owners will tell you, ‘people need to eat’. Food is a basic human need and owning a business that focuses on this need provides a level of comfort that’s not afforded to most other retail businesses.

That does not mean that all supermarkets and convenience stores are perfect. Buying a supermarket business, like buying any business, requires a clear buying process to ensure:

  1. The store fits your wants and needs
  2. You understand the current market and how much supermarkets are selling for
  3. You have a clear idea of the total costs of buying
  4. You understand your borrowing capacity
  5. You have a variety of Supermarkets and Convenience Stores to choose from
  6. You give yourself the best opportunity to get funding by leveraging experienced supermarket lenders
  7. You get advice from the right people
  8. You get what you paid for
  9. You transition smoothly into store ownership

Whatever stage you are at in your buying process we are here to help you. We can provide you with loads of information – free lists, checklists, contacts and calculators to help you maximize your investment in the supermarket industry. Our team combined has more than 100 years experience with supermarkets and convenience stores. We have sold more than 200 stores and we are always happy to talk about what’s happening in the market or to give you an insight into the different businesses in the market and their history. Talk to one of our friendly specialists or arrange a free buyer consultation with us today on 1300 858 181.

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