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How Does Praising Workers Help Improve Your Supermarket Business?

Giving your employees a simple gesture of approval and appreciation of their work can go a long way. Experienced business owners know that their customers and employees could just be their businesses’ most important asset. And since your employees and workers face your customers on a daily basis, making sure they feel their work is important helps your business build better connections with your customers.

Let’s face it: praising your workers could seem too costly since this is usually associated with a salary increase or even a promotion. However, these are not the only way to show your appreciation for a job well-done. Even a simple nod or a tap on the back can provide a much-needed morale boost to your employee.

Increase Job Satisfaction

“Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share with someone your appreciation
and gratitude, 
they will not forget you. Appreciation will return to you many times.” – Steve Brunkhorst

Making your employees feel that their work is recognised can go a long way. In fact, a certain study found that an astounding 94% of employees who received recognition from their supervisors on a daily basis said they were satisfied with their company, while 75% of employees who received at least a monthly recognition – even informal ones – felt satisfied with their jobs.

Although working the register or making sure the racks are well-stocked seems like simple tasks that don’t need recognition, make it a point to give your workers a thumbs-up whenever your employees are able to give a smile to customers. After all, attending to your customers’ needs might just be the most vital aspect when operating in the grocery retail industry.

Curb Employee Turnover

Encouraging your workers thru praise for the work they do could be easy for small store proprietors. However, this could be tricky to do in bigger supermarkets. As with any other employee training principle, duplication is key.

When trying to apply a change of culture at work, it only makes sense to begin with the people around you. Start to give praises to your managers regularly and let them know what changes you want to see. This could even help curb employee turnover as recognition is found to be the main reason people leave their jobs. Additionally, as it is found that managers usually fail to provide positive reinforcement to their subordinates even if managers themselves think they do, encouraging your managers to give positive job criticism and recognition among your workforce can greatly help boost morale across the board.

Boost Employee Engagement

Making your employees feel valued in the work they do doesn’t just boost their morale. Since recognizing your employees affect their overall disposition in the workplace, it also touches certain metrics that will have an effect on your bottom line. Employee recognition is found to be a factor in a 41% variance in employee engagement, and is also attributed to:

• 37% decrease in absenteeism
• 21% increase in productivity
• 22% more profit
• 15% better customer feedback

Retain Customers Longer

Though a supermarket employer may look for certain traits and skills such as accuracy, a good physical & mental stamina, and loyalty, nothing is more important than friendliness and courteousness to customers. How your customers view your business can say a lot about how your business perform – and with well-motivated employees that are proud of the work they do, you ensure that your customers always get the best experience when shopping in your store.

In fact, businesses who recognise their employees and workers personally on a peer-to-peer basis saw dramatic changes in how their customers view their business. A 41% improvement in customer satisfaction was observed among organizations with peer-to-peer employee recognition, which allowed for another 38% increase in customer retention.

Maintain a Culture of Gratitude

Undoubtedly, the positive effects of praising your employees and workers manifest in almost all areas of the business. It creates a win-win environment for proprietors, employees, and your customers.

A lasting culture of employee recognition has far-reaching influences in various areas of a business. However, for its true benefits to permeate, it should be an ongoing effort for proprietors and managers. Make it a point to show your gratitude for the time they put in, be thankful whenever they put in extra effort, and show simple gestures of appreciation – either through simple tokens or major compensation. Nevertheless, the benefits of employee recognition are going to help your business grow.