Selling your Supermarket?

Selling your store can be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. It’s the time where all your hard work is realized financially. If the process is not carried out correctly it can cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Like every other part of modern life the supermarket sales process has become chock full of legal obligations, paperwork and processes. Not to mention the skill-set needed to negotiate the best price, instruct solicitors for an air tight contract and keep all parties working together for the common goal of settlement.

Since starting this business in 2002, and having sold more than 200 supermarkets and convenience stores, we’ve learned so much about what it takes to maximize price in the marketplace, how to best present your supermarket for sale, how to create competition between buyers, how to best protect you the seller in your contracts and how to give your contracts the best chance of settling. It’s for these reasons that Aussie Supermarket Brokers can now offer the most innovative, systematized, professional and pragmatic approach to getting the maximum price for your supermarket or convenience store business in the shortest period of time.

Whether you choose us to maximize the price of your store or a generalist business broker to sell your store, you can be certain that employing the skills of an experienced agent will always get you a better financial result. Our mantra is “to maximize financial returns for our Sellers, protect them contractually and make the sales process as quick and as simple as possible”.

Even though there are no other agencies that specialize solely in the sale of supermarkets and convenience stores we always suggest talking to several business brokers before appointing one to work for you. That way you can be certain you are making the right decision. We are constantly hearing stories from sellers who have been “ripped-off” by someone representing themselves as a broker, who charged the Seller thousands of dollars for marketing, and then the seller never heard from them again. We have developed a Broker Assessment Template to help you make an informed choice. Naturally, we are happy to answer all of these questions ourselves as our aim is to be the stand-out experts in our field and to constantly focus on what we can improve and provide to our Sellers that other brokers don’t.

If you are considering selling, want an update on the market or just want to ask a few questions give one of our friendly specialists a call today on 1300 858 181.

Selling your business is not something you do every day so it is a daunting process to make sure you do cross all the T's and dot all the I’s. Grant was only a phone call away. He professionally guided me through the process and he made sure all the T's were crossed and all the I’s dotted giving me a great result in the sale of my shop. I have been involved with Elizabeth and Grant, both are very experienced in retail and are very professional in their approach for dealing with multiple situations. They make things happen.
Philip Burrows
Foodworks Supermarket
Just a short note to sincerely thank you for your efforts with the sale of our business. Your professional attitude and constant communication throughout the process was both refreshing and reassuring. As a potentially stressful time, at no stage of your involvement did we feel uneasy or out of control. Liz, you truly did make this important time as easy as it could be. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone considering selling their business.
Darrin McMahon and Craig Stevens
IGA X-press Caboolture
I must congratulate you on the superb presentation of the Business Contract for my client’s IGA business. I see a lot of documentation being now in my 44th year of practice in NZ, Hong Kong and here in Australia.
Ivan Poole