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12 Ways ASB Promotes Your Supermarket For Sale

12 Ways ASB Promotes Your Supermarket For Sale

In selling your supermarket business, a good broker will be your key advantage in helping you get through  the most tedious task of the selling process- finding the right buyer. The burden of finding a buyer will be easily relieved, especially if you decide to put it on the shoulders of a supermarket industry-focused specialist.

Aussie Supermarket Brokers (ASB) is the leading brokerage group in the supermarket industry. Working with ASB means your supermarket will  be promoted through laser-focused, multi-channel marketing strategy. This increases the likelihood of being able to sell your supermarket business when you want it and on your own terms and conditions. Even if you want to sell your store confidentially, the broker will be able to sell your business discreetly while still targeting a wide range of prospects.

With ASB, all the tedious marketing and promotional efforts that you  inevitably need to take will be taken care of. Here are twelve ways ASB promotes supermarket businesses.

1. Lead Generation Telemarketing 

ASB has a team of competent and experienced telemarketers that continuously cultivate the existing database containing 12,000 leads. This database has long been an existing asset of ASB and it continues to grow as a result of marketing efforts online, in print, and other mediums. Regularly exposing your business listing to a great number of qualified leads significantly shortens the process of finding a buyer as compared to doing it by yourself.

2. Direct Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is a good way to reach out to a good chunk of prospects at once. Here, individual listings of pre-qualified prospects are sent  quality and tailored emails that are based on buyer requirements and concerns. ASB makes an effort to pre-qualify the recipients, ensuring a highly-targeted email campaign. Direct email marketing is also a good way to keep clients and prospects updated with announcements and news, thus, cultivating good relationships with prospects for the long run.

3. Express Lane – Buyers’ Newsletter 

Your supermarket will be included in featured listings that are sent to prospective buyers every month. ASB brokers carefully approve and filter the information stated in the listings in order to suit sellers’ best interest.

4.  Paid Search – Pay Per Click Ads 

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) is an online marketing technique that essentially buys visits to a website. ASB uses Google Adwords and is handled by a team of digital marketing experts. This increases the chance of your supermarket ad to be more visible to people who are actively seeking business listings.

5. Organic Search – SEO 

Aside from paid ads, ASB also maximises Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by carefully strategizing content and using the right keywords to create an optimal placement of the listings in Google. A good SEO strategy serves as a solid foundation that naturally improve your supermarket listing’s exposure and search engine ranking over time.

6. Display Ads

Display ads are eye-catching graphics or illustrations that can usually be seen on the side or top panels of content websites. These ads are strategically placed on well chosen websites which focus on potential buyers’ profile and interests such as commercial real estate and investment opportunities.

7. 3rd Party Ads

Third party sites include and These sites are established marketplace authorities which are visited by people with the intent to buy. ASB places paid ads to furthermore expose its supermarket listings to people who are on the hunt.

8. Print Ads 

ASB’s marketing efforts also transcend the digital world and pours over traditional media. Ads promoting  regional supermarkets for sale, especially large ones, are published in classified ads of leading newspapers like Sydney Morning Herald and The Courier Mail. This is a good way of targeting a community and spreading the word that one of its known establishments is up for sale.

9. Content Marketing 

This includes creating interesting blog articles, infographics, slideshows, whitepapers and case studies that not only promotes ASB’s business listings, but also gives educational and interesting tidbits valuable to readers. These informational content can engage  potential buyers and inspire them to enter  retail industry.

10. Social Media

ASB features supermarket listings and blog articles regarding the supermarket business in its Facebook page and fosters connections with prospects in LinkedIn.  Here, queries can also be entertained and answered quickly. You can trust ASB’s social media team to take care of addressing questions regarding your listing for you.

11. Trade Shows and Conferences 

ASB Brokers frequently attend trade shows and conferences that allow them to expand their network and to keep abreast with trends and updates in the commercial real estate industry. Usually, these are updates about laws, policies, and rules that will, ultimately, affect the marketplace in general.  Entrusting the sale of your supermarket business to an ASB broker means that you are assigning it to a tried-and-tested industry expert. In case an unforeseen circumstance or issue arises, your broker will be well-equipped to solve them for you.

12. Broker’s Established Network 

Another advantage is that ASB brokers are veterans in their field. This means that they have already built solid relationships with people who have interest in the supermarket industry, and this includes the potential buyer of your supermarket business. This is especially beneficial if ever you want to sell your supermarket confidentially.


Indeed, choosing a specialist brokerage firm such as ASB gives you a far better advantage as compared to selling it yourself or going through a general-service business broker. Your store will be promoted via a highly-targeted, multi-channel marketing strategy implemented by dedicated marketing experts. To find a buyer is always a broker’s primary, if not most important, task. If you want to get to know more about ASB’s services,  contact us today.