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Aussie Brokers sells Foodworks supermarket in prime Strathpine location

Aussie Brokers sells Foodworks supermarket in prime Strathpine location

The sale of a Foodworks supermarket in Queensland’s Strathpine area was a success thanks to Aussie Supermarket Broker’s Elizabeth Krienke. The buyers’ preparedness and cooperation helped make the sale possible and the outcome amicable for all parties involved.

The Foodworks supermarket was fully managed, came with acceptable lease terms and yielded substantial turnover rates; benefits perhaps, of being in one of the most ideal retail spots in Strathpine. It stood on a main entrance roundabout facing two busy roads, with two additional paths providing four convenient entry points to the store. The area was close to the central business district and the Sunshine Coast, with a population that was expected to rise as the area experienced continuous development.

It was this projected growth in housing demand that led the previous owner to sell the supermarket to focus on the construction industry. The store was listed in July 2012 but was removed shortly after. It was relisted in April 2015 and was sold by the end of August.

The entire sales process was uneventful. The seller was clear about their demands, but was willing to cooperate. The buyers, Liz reports, were a pleasure to work with. They were well-prepared for what the buying process required and were very professional. Today, the buyers are happy with their new business and because of the success of their Strathpine venture, are looking into more business opportunities with Aussie Brokers.