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Grabbing Easter Treats: 7 Tactics to Boost Supermarket Sales during Easter Holidays

Grabbing Easter Treats: 7 Tactics to Boost Supermarket Sales during Easter Holidays

On the average, Australians eat about 4.5 kilograms of chocolate a year and spend up to $200M on chocolates every Easter. Hot cross buns, Easter pastries and cakes are also usually in demand during this time.

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Obviously, Easter is big in Australia. And while most stores and retail outlets are closed during this time, the days and weeks leading to this season is quite the perfect opportunity for supermarkets to ramp up sales.

It’s exciting to promote your supermarket or convenience store this Easter with a mix of conventional and innovative marketing tactics. So we’ve rounded up the internet to find out what famous supermarket brands are doing to piggyback on the Easter tradition.

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  1. Hear ye, Hear ye! Price Reductions!


Nothing beats offering discounted items during the holidays. Foodworks reduced their prices by  as much as 50 percent on selected items. Aside from chocolates and sweets, popular items products like fish, seafood and alcoholic beverages are also on the top of the family’s grocery lists. If executed strategically, price reductions on these Easter necessities would not only guarantee sales but also increased profits!

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  1. No Worries with Easter Recipes


On their website, Woolworths promotes their food items by providing delicious Easter recipes to their customers. Popular recipes include biscuits, cakes, chocolate eggs and many more. Just make sure that you have enough stock available to keep your customers happy! You can also display a price list containing the required ingredients to help your customers prepare their budget.

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  1. Catch Eyeballs on Product Display


A prominent Easter product display showcase upon your store entrance will let your shoppers choose on a variety of products without much effort as soon as they set foot inside your store. Make it attractive enough to be at the centre of attention of the kids and kids-at-heart. While you’re at it, you can hand out catalogues or flyers right where all the eyeballs are at.

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  1. Publish a Digital Catalogue


Go digital and publish your Easter-themed catalogue online, you can also send out email blasts to disseminate your catalogue and pursue advertising on discounts or deal websites and mobile apps to capture the attention of your customers.

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  1. Announce Trading Times Early


Whether you want your store to be open or closed during the Easter holidays, don’t forget to announce trading times and special events at least three to four weeks ahead to keep your customers in the loop so they can feel the urge to plan ahead, shop early, and beat the holiday rush.

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  1. Offer Ingenious Easter Ideas


There’s something about holidays that make people more inclined to try something new to add flavour to cherished traditions. Aldi supermarket chain pushes for more sales by offering fresh and creative Easter ideas for meals, decorations, crafts, games, and activities that family members can do to enjoy the season.

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  1. Engage with Customers on Social


Make your customers excited about the Easter season by having a countdown of your sale or events and promotions on your website. You can invite participants for your activities like Easter shows and Egg hunts for kids using your Facebook page and other social channels.

Easter holidays offer supermarkets a great opportunity to sell products that don’t usually sell as much on a daily basis. Surprise your customers with a creative and effective mix of tactics on product, pricing and promotions to keep them coming back for more. Be an instrument for them to celebrate Easter not only with great savings and value for their money but also with fun and memorable experiences with family and friends.

Do you have Easter tactics for your supermarket or convenience store? Please feel free to share them with us!

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