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How much is your supermarket worth today?

How much is your supermarket worth today?

In the past 6 years supermarket sale prices have continued to rise.

The average turnover multiplier for sold supermarkets (leased businesses in all areas) has increased from 7.67 to 11.66 times in the last 6 years.

The turnover multiplier is obtained by dividing the sale price by the weekly turnover (including GST). For example, a supermarket that sold for $600,000 with a weekly turnover of $50,000 would have a turnover multiplier of 12. ($600,000 / $50,000 = 12).

This means a supermarket with a weekly turnover of $50,000 in 2002/03 may have sold for approximately $383,500 in that financial year. The same store with a $50,000 weekly turnover would sell for approximately $583,000 in the current financial year.

But each business is different and sale price is never based completely on turnover. Turnover is only one of the many factors you need to consider when setting a listing price for your supermarket.

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