Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

This document sets out the terms of use under which Aussie Supermarket Brokers
ABN 37 029 880 330 ( “we”, “us”, “our” or “Aussie”
) provide this Internet site ( “the Site” ) to you, where “you”,
“the recipient”
are a user of the Site. By accessing, browsing or
using this Site you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and our Privacy
Policy .


The recipient acknowledges that this contact and information is an introduction
to the business and the cause of the sale should a subsequent purchase of such
business occur, the recipient will inform any vendor of such an understanding
prior to signing any contract.

The Site

The Site is owned and operated by Aussie Supermarket Brokers. By using the Site
you agree to all terms and conditions and acknowledge that you have read and
understood this document.

These Terms of Use, combined with our Privacy Policy, form the entire agreement
between you and Aussie.

Aussie may vary, modify or discontinue the Site, or any information available on
the Site, without prior notice. Aussie may also, without notice, deactivate all
or part of the Site to carry out system maintenance, upgrading, testing or

Aussie may amend these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy at any time by
posting the amendments on the Site. The amendments will be effective
immediately and if you continue to use the Site you agree to be bound by the
amended Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


  • The recipient acknowledges that the information supplied whether given orally
    or in documents including agreements, plans, expenses, projections or actual
    profit and loss statements, sales figures and the like has been provided by the
    vendor and has not been verified by Aussie. The recipient agrees to use their
    own endeavours to confirm the accuracy or otherwise of the information
  • Aussie does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or content of the
  • The recipient hereby agrees that Aussie shall have no liability in respect of
    the accuracy or content of the information in any way whatsoever and the
    Recipient hereby indemnifies and agrees to keep indemnified Aussie against any
    loss, action or claim arising from the provision of the information to the
    recipient or from the use of that information by the Recipient, its directors
    or advisors, or any other person to whom the recipient has allowed the
    information to pass, and irrespective of consent to that use having been given
    under clause 4.


  • The Recipient covenants and undertakes that :
  • it will keep the Information secret and confidential at all times and will not
    directly or indirectly disclose or permit to be disclosed all or any part of
    the Information other than as permitted by these terms of use;
  • it will not copy, reproduce, use, or permit to be copied, reproduced, or used
    in any form, all or part of any documents or other material in or on which the
    Information is recorded;
  • It will immediately upon ASB request provide to ASB all documentation, disks
    and other materials that include or have been prepared on the basis of or using
    any Information; and
  • It will not, directly or indirectly use, disclose or in any way exploit the
    Information except in accordance with these terms of use.


  • The recipient agrees to obtain ASB consent prior to any disclosure of the
    Information under this section.
  • The recipient agrees that the Information will be made available only to those
    directors and advisers of the recipient who;
  • Have a specific need to have access to the Information for the Express Purpose;
  • Have been made aware of the terms upon which the Information has been made
    available to the recipient.
  • ASB shall not unreasonably withhold the consent required by the recipient in
    order to disclose the Information to the recipient’s directors or advisers.
  • The recipient agrees that its obligations under this deed extend to all
    directors and advisers of the recipient to whom the recipient may disclose or
    provide any of the Information or allow access to any of the Information.
  • The recipient must use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that none of the
    directors or advisers of the recipient do any act manner or thing, which if
    done by the recipient would constitute a breech of the obligations of the
    recipient under these terms of use.
  • The recipient will be responsible for any breaches of these terms of use by any
    directors or advisers of the recipient, and it will be liable for any damage,
    loss or expense suffered as a result of any such breaches by those Parties.


“Your information” is any information you provide to us while using the Site.
This information must not be false, inaccurate or misleading.

By providing us with your information, you can register to use the Site to
receive additional store details not made available on the general pages.
Registration is free. When you have registered, your information will be
checked by one of our operators and you will be issued a username and password.
You will be required to enter this username and password to access confidential
pages of the Site.

Prohibited conduct

You must not reveal your username and/or password to any other persons and must
use your password in accordance with these Terms of Use.

You must not, without first receiving our written consent, copy, mirror,
reproduce, frame, republish, download, store (in any medium), up-load to a
third party, transmit, post, distribute, adapt or change in any way the content
of, or create a derivative work from, this Site for any purpose.


The information contained on this Site is provided by Aussie in good faith on an
“as is” basis. The information is believed to be accurate and current at the
date the information was placed on this Site.

None of Aussie Supermarket Brokers’ directors, officers or employees makes any
representation or warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of
the information contained on this Site and none of them accept any
responsibility arising in any way (including negligence) for errors in, or
omissions from, the information contained on this Site.

Aussie is not liable to you or any other persons for losses, damages, costs,
expenses or liability directly or indirectly suffered by you as a result of
your accessing, use or misuse of the Site, or by your reliance on any content
available from or through the Site.


Aussie may, at our sole discretion, immediately issue a warning, temporarily
suspend or terminate your membership and refuse to provide the Service to you

  • You breach the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy
  • We are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us
  • We believe that your actions may cause legal liability for you, our users or us.