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Where Is The Buyer For Your Business?

Where Is The Buyer For Your Business?

You’ve decided the time has come to sell your supermarket. You’ve put years into it, loved and nurtured it, but now it’s time to try something new. Now all you have to do is find a buyer – but from where?

Sure, there will be some cash buyers ready to pull the trigger within the next 30-60 days but the chances of you crossing paths without an introduction is slim. The majority of potential buyers don’t even know they are looking to buy a supermarket just yet – they just need the right people to show them what a fantastic investment your business is. That’s where Aussie Supermarket Brokers (ASB) come in.

Selling your business

Selling your business requires a concentrated marketing approach to appeal to cash ready buyers committed to purchasing a supermarket. You’ll need a sales team to establish the value of your store both for sale and to help you demonstrate the investment opportunity to interested buyers. We understand what buyers are looking for and their due diligence process are primed to ensure the sale is as straightforward an acquisition as possible.

You may wish to try your luck on your own but think of it this way: when you’re sick you go to see your GP but if you have a heart problem you want to see an expert cardiologist. The same logic applies to selling one of your most valued assets – your supermarket. You’ll want the services of an expert in selling supermarket businesses. ASB specialise exclusively in supermarkets and have sold over 200 stores – yours could be next!

Finding the right buyer

You don’t want to waste time on buyers that aren’t committed to the purchase or ultimately can’t afford it. At ASB, we have the largest supermarket database in Australia with other 12,000 fully qualified potential buyers.

We are not complacent about our position as market leaders so we spend 25% of our time qualifying buyers to ensure that they have the ability and genuine intentions to purchase a store. What’s more, in order to increase our ability to match our buyer’s criteria to your store we generate hundreds of new clients per month to keep our database fresh and relevant.

Aussie Supermarket Brokers’ ongoing commitment to maintaining our status as the largest marketplace of convenience stores and supermarkets for sale in Australia means that anyone selling their business with Aussie Supermarket Brokers will not miss potential buyers in the market—resulting in the best opportunity to achieve the best price for your business.

Why ASB?

We’ve been in business since 2002 and our focus is exclusively on supermarket business sales. ASB can help introduce you to a serious buyer and manage the whole process from start to finish. We have proven success formulas in assessing your business value that’s both profitable for you and competitive for the marketplace – ensuring you get the best price for your business in as short a time as possible.

It pays to know what you can expect from these different buyers so that you can align your marketing and advertising strategies for your business sale. Using ASB will ensure exactly just that.

The benefit of selling your business with ASB is that with our expertise and resources you will receive all the guidance you need so that you can smoothly ease into your new life whether it’s a well-deserved vacation, or investing in another business.​